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Useful Tips for Passing a Random Drug Test

Several professional sportsmen and women are living with the reality of knowing that at any one time they can be requested to take a random drug test to prove they have no prohibited substances. Testing is also done in workplaces when employers endeavor to ensure their employees are adhering to the set company rules. If you work in a company where drugs tests are done randomly, it is vital to have some details on methods of passing the tests. The truth is that several people fall in situations which can at times land them in trouble.

In case you know before hand that there is a scheduled drug test from, there are some things you can do to ensure your results show you are clean. If you don’t have beforehand information, then you can land in trouble. When you are told that you should go for testing, it can be helpful to take some corrective actions. You have very few options of trying to do this without causing suspicion. Random drug tests have caused people to attempt to come up with various ideas on how to pass.

It is good to know the diverse ways which are used commonly in sporting events and work places. The main ones are blood and saliva, where blood is drawn, and saliva is taken to the lab for drug testing. Testing of saliva is the most preferred in workplaces due to its simplicity as it involves swabbing the inside check using a cotton swab. Saliva drug testing with can establish if a person has used drugs in recent days.

Urinalysis or urine drug testing involves collecting urine which is later examined for creatinine and temperature levels. Urine tests are normally first screen check or validity, and it is always followed by more processes with a new sample. Drug tests using hair follicle is done by examining the hair to determine if drugs are available in the body. Drug testing using hair follicles is not easy to fool since any toxin signs stay in the hair for a longer time because hair grows slowly.

Substitution or dilution are some ways which people can use to pass random drug tests. Such methods are not easy to get away with more so when the testing is random. One choice that can have positive results is method of system detoxification. System detoxification is a reliable solution however it relies on the amount of time one has. If you have little chances, there are products of detoxification available in the market which can be successful. There are several products which claim to erase drug traces in the body. Explore the options and gather all information needed prior to using any of these products. See this video:

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